Getting Verified

In the era of decentralization, trust is paramount and the DePIN space is no exception. For this reason, DePINscan provides a "Verification" feature for DePIN projects that have their logic deployed on W3bstream.

Verification ensures that the device stats shown on DePINscan for a certain project are aligned in real time with the data read from W3bstream, which elevates the credibility of your project.

A "Verified" badge on DePINscan isn't merely symbolic. It signifies reliability, transparent data integrity, and the project's commitment to being open with its community and investors.

This guide shows the procedure and prerequisites for obtaining this badge, ensuring that your project stands out:

Step 1: Integrating the Device Map

The first step to earn the "Verified Integration" badge is to complete the Device Map Integration in the previous step.

Make sure you've successfully completed the Device Map Integration before moving on!

Step 2: Access your w3bstream project ID

Find and note your W3bstream Project ID from the settings page in W3bstream Studio:

Step 3: Begin the verification process

Complete the form below and make sure you fill in your Project ID to earn the Verified Integration Badge

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