W3bstream Studio

W3bstream Studio is a powerful and intuitive user interface that serves as the control center for developers working with the W3bstream framework. Designed to streamline the creation and management of decentralized applications (dApps), W3bstream Studio allows developers to quickly set up and visualize metrics, events, and blockchain transactions for their projects.

In this section, we provide short videos that show how to perform the most used operations in W3bstream Studio.

By providing seamless integration with MetaMask wallets, W3bstream Studio offers a personalized development environment for each user. With features such as database creation, applet logic management, and trigger orchestration, developers can efficiently handle data streams, application logic, and blockchain interactions for their dApps, all in one place. W3bstream Studio simplifies the development process, making it easier for developers to build innovative solutions that harness the power of real-world data.

You can access W3bstream Studio anytime at devnet.w3bstream.com to deploy projects on the W3bstream Devnet release and start experimenting with W3bstream:

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