Reacting to blockchain events

With W3bstream's powerful blockchain monitoring capabilities, you can easily execute specific logic when an event is emitted by a smart contract or when other actions occur on one of the supported blockchains. By leveraging these monitoring modules, you can easily capture and respond to important events occurring on the smart contracts that are part of your DePIN application.

This document provides an overview of the different options available for monitoring and reacting to blockchain events.

Smart Contract Event Monitor

The Smart Contract Event Monitor is an internal W3bstream module designed to emit W3bstream events whenever a smart contract emits a specific event. This allows you to seamlessly integrate your W3bstream project with smart contracts.

You can learn how to create a Smart Contract Monitor by following our detailed guide.

pageMonitoring Smart Contracts

Blockchain Height Monitor

The Blockchain Height Monitor is another internal W3bstream module that enables you to emit a W3bstream event when a specific height is reached on one of the blockchains supported by W3bstream. This functionality allows you to stay synchronized with the blockchain and trigger actions based on block heights.

To learn how to create a Blockchain Height Monitor, refer to our short video in the how-to section.

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