Creating a Project

Before a W3bstream node can do anything, at least one Project must be created and configured.

Login to W3bstream

Open W3bstream Studio at https://localhost:3000
W3bstream Studio Loging screen
Use the default password to log in to the Studio dashboard. For a newly installed node, you will see something like this:
W3bstream Studio Home

Create a new Project

The first step is to create a new W3bstream Project: click the Create a project now button to create a new W3bstream project.
Assign the "HelloW3bstream" name to the project and click the Submit button to confirm. The new project will show up on the left side panel, under the Project Management section.

Upload the logic

Once we have a project ready to host our W3bstream logic, we are ready to deploy a logic module, also called Applet.
Check out the Applets Development section to learn more about how to create an Applet:
In this guide, we will deploy a simple wasm applet called "Log": it will simply echo to the w3bstream console any data that is sent to our node over the HTTP or MQTT network endpoints.
Download the log.wasm file from the link below, and save it in a known location on your system:
In W3bstream Studio, select the HelloW3bstream project, and click the Add Applet button:
Select the log.wasm file you just downloaded, select the HelloWebstream project from the Project ID dropdown, name this applet "LogExample" and finally hit the Submit button to upload the applet to the HelloW3bstream project:

Deploy the logic

Now that the logic module is uploaded to the project, we can deploy it to the Webstream VM by clicking the Deploy button. If the module is correct, it will be successfully deployed, and you will be able to start/stop the module from the dashboard: