Building Dashboards

W3bstream developers can effortlessly create their own project dashboards directly inside the Trusted Metrics Query Designer.

Once you've created a query in the Designer, you have the option to add one or multiple "Visualizations" for your query. Visualizations are UI widgets that effectively represent the query results with the most suitable charts based on the nature, fields, and number of the query results.

By utilizing these visualizations, developers can easily create public dashboards for everyone to visualize and interpret their project, making it more accessible and meaningful.

Custom Dashboards

Creating a Visualization Widget for a query

To create a visualization widget for a query, let's assume you have already generated a query that retrieves the growth of device registrations in your W3bstream project (an example of such query can be seen in the Query Examples document) and saved it under the name "Devices Growth."

  1. Use the New Visualization button to generate a Visualization for the query:

  1. Select Line Chart and then click Submit

  1. Select the Line Chart tab to see a preview of the Visualization. Depending on your needs, you can create different visualizations for the same query.

  1. If required, you can create more queries and Visualizations in the Query Designer.

  2. Access your dashboards by clicking on your profile menu in the top-right corner of the window and selecting the profile icon (or click the "+" button if you haven't created a dashboard yet).

  1. Once your dashboard is open, easily add a set of visualizations you have previously created and configure them in the best layout that suits your needs.

Add a new Visualization to the Dashboard
Layout and save your dashboard
  1. After arranging the visualizations, click the "Save Layout" button to save your dashboard.

Once your dashboard is saved, it becomes publicly available, and you can share its link with others to make it accessible. Enjoy exploring and analyzing your project data with your customized dashboards!

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