W3bstream Roadmap

The development of W3bstream will span until Q2 2024. During this time, the “Devnet Seed” release will morph into a modular, scalable, and decentralized architecture that will accommodate multiple applications across different verticals.
🌰 Devnet Seed
  • WASM-powered virtual machine for stream compute of device data
  • Device and user binding based on DID
  • Support IoTeX and Ethereum
  • W3bstream Studio for developing apps
  • Mobile SDKs
🌱 Mainnet Sprout
  • Multi-tenant WASM virtual machine with distributed resource scheduling
  • Integrate with decentralized storage protocols
  • Zero-knowledge proof for dApps
  • W3bstream Studio for VSCODE
  • Embedded SDKs
🥀 Mainnet Blossom
  • Support customized device onboarding via plugins
  • Data Availability Committees (DACs) with sharding supported
  • Stake to run nodes for the community-owned network
  • Support mainstream L1s
  • W3bstream Explorer for visualizing and analyzing
🌸 Mainnet Flourish
  • DAC with on-chain attestation
  • State expiry and data expiry
  • Dynamic pricing of ordering nodes for specific dApps
  • Privacy-preserving architecture with a nearly trustless setup
  • Zero knowledge tools for developers

What's next?

Checkout the Get Started section to learn how to run a W3bstream node.
Learn about the fundamentals of programming a W3bstream node.