Monitoring smart contracts

To configure a Smart Contract Monitor in W3bstream, make sure you have created a Project first.
Monitoring a smart contract allows generating W3bstream events when a smart contract logs a certain event.
Click the "Smart Contract Monitor" in the left navigation panel, then click the Add Smart Contract event monitor button:
Configure the Add Smart contract event monitor dialog with the correct settings for your smart contract event:
Project ID: select the W3bsytream project the monitor belongs to.
Event Type: set a code for the W3bstream event that will be generated by the monitor (it can be anything, just match whatever you use here when configuring the respective event strategy).
Chain ID: Input the Chain ID of the network where the smart contract is deployed. This depends on the actual chain endpoint set in the W3bstream configuration.
Contract Address: input here the address of the smart contract you want to monitor.
Block Start: input here the first block to be indexed (i.e., when start monitoring the contract for new events).
Block End: input here the last block to be indexed (i.e., when to stop monitoring smart contract events).
topic0: this is the first topic logged when the smart contract emits the event. For EVM platforms, it represents the hash of the signature of the event and can be found by exploring the logs of a transaction that triggered the event.