Monitoring Blockchain Height

To configure a Blockchain Height Monitor in W3bstream, make sure you have created a Project first.
Monitoring the blockchain height allows generating a W3bstream event when a specific height is reached on the blockchain.
Click the "Chain Height Monitor" in the left navigation panel, then click the Create blockchain height monitor button:
Configure the Create blockchain height monitor dialog with the correct settings for the blockchain height you want to use as the trigger:
Project ID: select the W3bsytream project the monitor belongs to.
Event Type: set a code for the W3bstream event that will be generated by the monitor (it can be anything, just match whatever you use here when configuring the respective event strategy).
Chain ID: Input the Chain ID of the network where you want to monitor the height. This depends on the actual chain endpoint set in the W3bstream configuration.
Height: input here the chain height that should trigger the event once it's reached.