Key Product Features

Unified Framework

WSIoTSDK provides a unified code implementation and standardised interface abstraction. As a result, developers only need to call the standard PSA APIs when using WSIoTSDK for performing cryptographic operations, thereby significantly reducing the maintenance costs for interacting with various cryptographic libraries. Moreover, WSIoTSDK supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS, which facilitates developers to complete fast development and integration.

Flexible Configuration

The design and development of WSIoTSDK adopt a "layer-component-subcomponent" methodology in which communications among components are based on standard interfaces. Such an approach effectively reduces coupling between layers and components and enables developers to choose sub-components via configuration files to meet the requirements of various applications and development environments.

High Reliability

The rich sub-components in WSIoTSDK are popular open-source software and the updates of which are maintained by IoTeX. Hence developers do not need to update those sub-components separately and just recompile WSIoTSDK to get the latest version. Moreover, WSIoTSDK provides complete test cases for PSA APIs and integrates PSA Certified APIs Architecture Test Suite for testing on multiple operating system platforms and embedded devices.

File Structure

The following figure is an example of the current WSIoTSDK file structure:
Sub directory
The cryptographic primitive sub-component
The code for the Pebble Tracker PSA abstraction layer
The cryptographic service sub-component
The documentation of WSIoTSDK
The user facing header files
The complete PSA API test routines
WSIoTSDK usage examples