Testing Events

W3bstream Studio allows manually sending messages to the W3bstream node over HTTP from the Studio UI. This is useful when you want to test the logic of the node by simulating different types of events.
Before you can test this feature, make sure that
To manually generate a W3bstream event, select the project in the left navigation panel, then click the Send Event button:
Configure the Publish Event dialog as follows:
Project ID: select the W3bsytream project the event should be sent to (make sure the applet containing the handler for the event is running).
Publisher: select the Publisher intended to be the message sender.
Payload: In the payload box, the header of the event is already filled in with the event type, publisher authorization data, and timestamp. Just edit the Payload of the event with the actual data object that should be sent to the handler.
Escaping double quotes
Please notice that if the payload must be a JSON object. If it's something more complex than just a string, you will have to manually escape double quotes. If your payload is for example:
{ "temperature": 22.3, "status": "ON" }
then your payload would look like:
"payload": "{ \"temperature\": 22.3, \"status\": \"ON\" }"
Check out this online tool to automatically escaping double quotes: