Running W3bstream

Run using Docker

The recommended way of running a W3bstream node is by using Docker. With docker, you can easily fetch new releases and update the W3bstream runtime, you won't have to configure a development environment to build the runtime from the source code yourself.
Make sure you have Docker and Docker-Compose installed in your system
Install Docker from the official website:
Once you have Docker installed in your system, make sure your user is allowed to run the docker command with:
sudo usermod -aG docker $USER
Log out and log back in so that your group membership is re-evaluated, then verify that you can run docker commands without sudo
docker run hello-world

Start the W3bstream docker image

mkdir w3bstream && cd w3bstream
curl > docker-compose.yaml
docker-compose -p w3bstream -f ./docker-compose.yaml up -d
Change W3bstream's working directory
By default, W3bstream will store its data in the current folder. If required, you can set the working directory by exporting the following before running the image:
export WS_WORKING_DIR=path_to_the_w3bstream_folder
or by changing the corresponding setting in the .env file: see configuring W3bstream for more.
Once you started W3bstream, you can see the log with:
docker container logs w3bstream -f
Creating network "conf_default" with the default driver
Creating w3bstream ... done
Creating conf_graphql-engine_1 ... done
Attaching to w3bstream, conf_graphql-engine_1
w3bstream | PG data does not exsit!
graphql-engine_1 | {"type":"startup","timestamp":"2022-11-01T14:27:57.754+0000","level":"info","detail":{"kind":"server_configuration","info":{"live_query_options":{"batch_size":100,"refetch_delay":1},
w3bstream | [Kit] PUT /srv-applet-mgr/v0/strategy/{projectName}/{strategyID}
w3bstream | [Kit] jwt.Auth middleware.ContextAccountAuth strategy.UpdateStrategy
w3bstream | [Kit] [email protected] listen on :8888
w3bstream | {"@lv":"info","@prj":"srv-applet-mgr","@ts":"20221101-142810.513Z","msg":"admin created"}
w3bstream | Listening on port 3000 url: http://localhost:3000
Notice at the end of the log, you will find the admin credentials to log in and interact with the W3bstream runtime:
You can now access the W3bstream Studio admin dashboard by pointing a browser to port 3000 for the W3bstream node server:

Build from source

If you want to build the source code and run the W3bstream binary or build the W3bstream Docker image locally, you can clone the W3bstream repository and follow the instructions included in the README:

Run using the command line client

The W3bstream command line client will be available soon.

W3bstream admin HTTP API

The HTTP API provides full access to the node operations allowing to automate project creation, applet deployments, etc.
The admin HTTP API is currently documented on GitHub.